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Oops: Neighborhood Council Must Revote on Huge, Controversial Wyvernwood Redevelopment

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Last month, the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council shocked and amazed when they approved plans to raze the Wyvernwood Garden Apartments complex and build 4,400 residential units on the site. Well, now that decision has been annulled and they're going to have to shock and amaze all over again on February 27 (or not!). It seems that when attendees arrived at the scheduled venue for the last neighborhood council meeting they found the doors locked, and so the meeting was moved to a nearby Buddhist Temple. But the last-minute venue switch meant that the NC was unable to give the appropriate 24 hours notice of the change, so all items from the meeting have been annulled, reports Boyle Heights Beat. Opponents of the Wyvernwood redevelopment haven't stopped campaiging, so it will be interesting to see if the "no" camp will be able to pick off any board members in the revote. The initial vote of 9-3 was pretty lopsided, so they'll have their work cut out for them.
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