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Upgrade For Historic Compton City Hall, Zoo Drive Closure

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COMPTON: Compton's cool City Hall (designed by Harold L. Williams and built in 1977) just got a lickety-split energy efficiency upgrade--historic preservation consultants Chattel, Inc. replaced 40 to 50 window panels a day from November through December 14 last year, sliding in just before the December 31 Department of Energy deadline. The new windows are the same thickness and color as the old ones, but have glazing that helps cut down on heating and cooling. Chattel also found that the building is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places as "the finest building" by Williams (who was mentored by fellow African-American architect Paul R. Williams, but no relation). [Curbed Inbox]

LOS FELIZ: The Lower Reach River Supply Conduit Improvement Project strikes again! The reservoir-replacement work that's been driving Silver Lakers nutty is shutting down Zoo Drive through Griffith Park (from the LA Live Steamers Railroad Museum to Riverside Drive) from today through June. All the attractions will stay open and there'll be a 12-foot-wide lane for pedestrians, bikers, and emergency vehicles. Here's a map of the closure. [Curbed Inbox]