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El Sereno Gets Taco-Friendly Parking Space Park

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El Sereno got its parklet on Huntington Drive near Rosemead Avenue over the weekend, joining Highland Park and Downtown as the first three neighborhoods to benefit from a pilot program building the small pedestrian-friendly public spaces along city streets. The parklets are all in the district represented by City Councilmember Jose Huizar, who said the parklet program "will not only improve our communities, but will inform and assist our departments to some day soon bring parklets to every corner of the City." According to Eastsider LA, this parklet is larger than Highland Park's and "includes a ramp to accommodate the disabled. The benches also include small tables, which one passerby said will be a welcome amenity for patrons of a popular taco truck that parks nearby." While tacos and parklets sound like a winning combination, someone has already taken to Yelp to complain about the location, noting it is "on the colder, shadier side of huntington drive in el sereno's business district, the parklet is adjacent to the back wall of a busy supermarket."
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