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Hipster Flippers' 1907 Bungalow in Echo Park Asking $849k

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By the beard of Zeus, it appears there's yet another team of hipster flipper whippersnappers looking to claim some of that sweet, sweet real estate action. According to their website, development firm Re-inhabit has rehabbed properties in Silver Lake, Mt. Washington, and the Hollywood Hills. Their latest project is this residence in the hills of Echo Park. Originally a two-bedroom, one-bath Craftsman built in 1907, the house was billed as a "major fixer/teardown" when last on the market. Purchased for $300,000 one year ago, the former 896-square-foot single-story bungalow has now been reincarnated as a three-bedroom, two-bath split-level. Per the listing, materials from the original structure were repurposed for the new additions, which include a den, storage attic, and garage. And, as one might predict, the house's asking price has ballooned right along with the square footage -- it's freshly listed at $849,000.
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