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Cadaver Dog Sniffs For Black Dahlia at Lloyd Wright House, Giant Object Moving Madness Hits South Bay

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LOS FELIZ: Earlier this month we heard that cadaver dog Buster had picked up the scent of human remains at the Lloyd Wright-designed Sowden House, where ex-LAPD detective Steve Hodel claims his doctor father killed Elizabeth Short, aka the Black Dahlia (she was actually found in Leimert Park). Buster's visit was actually filmed for an episode of Ghost Hunters, but the clip never aired. Check it out down below and maybe keep in mind that barking and scampering are not admissible evidence in a 66-year-old murder. [SyFy]

BEACH CITIES: Giant Object Moving Fest! Despite the rain, Chevron was still on this afternoon to start moving its giant coke drums (NOT what you think) from Redondo Beach to its refinery in El Segundo. Roads (mostly PCH and Sepulveda) will be closed from 10 pm tonight to 5 am Thursday as the 100-foot-long drums, which arrived at King Harbor by barge yesterday, move at about two mph on special transports (but we're all old hands at this now, right?). We wouldn't expect any stirring timelapse videos of the coke drum move, but if you happen to have one, please do send it our way. [Daily Breeze]

Sowden House

5121 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA