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Curbed Goes Inside LA Theatre, New Directions Downtown

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Los Angeles Theatre. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels

This Week's Top Stories: Curbed went inside the well-preserved Los Angeles Theatre and photographed every detail of art-deco goodness. A post on a tiny starter home in Sunset Junction raised the hackles of the commenters because the house was too tiny, the geographic location of the house was in question, and it may be too close to a Jiffy Lube. The return of the NFL to Los Angeles seems to be delayed yet again as no team has stepped up to declare their intent to relocate. An artist has improved Downtown's wayfinding signage to identify locations of hipsters and gentrification. Living like Ol' Blue Eyes, Curbed goes inside Frank Sinatra's mid-century gem of a home in Palm Springs. Speaking of mid-mod gems, the home of an Eames chair collaborator, Irving Green, has popped up on the market in Crestwood Hills for $1.685 million. Meanwhile in Malibu, Dick Clark's Flintstones style home has failed to meet its asking price, so it'll be taking a $250k priechop. Yabba-dabba-doo!