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Conrad Hilton's Long-Time Estate Maybe Asking $225 Million

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Good lord, rich person Gary Winnick "has, on the down low, let it slip" that he might be willing to part with the famous Casa Encantada in Bel Air for ... wait for it ... seriously, chill out a second first ? $225 million, according to the ever-reliable Real Estalker. The estate (on 7.47 acres) was built in the 1930s at enormous expense by wealthy society aspirant Hilda Boldt Weber, with interiors designed by TH Robsjohn-Gibbings--eventually the upkeep became too much and Weber ended up committing suicide, poor and alone in Santa Barbara (the story is told in Michael Gross's fascinating Unreal Estate). In 1950, the property sold to hotelier Conrad Hilton for$225,000, or one one-thousandth of its current alleged asking price. Hilton lived there until his death in 1979, after which it sold to Dole/real estate mogul David Murdock for $12.4 million. In 2000, Murdock sold to Winnick for somewhere around $94 million. The Winnicks gave the place a Peter Marino-designed overhaul, although who knows exactly what they did. According to the info available, the main house is 28,725 square feet and has seven bedrooms and possibly 20 full bathrooms; there's also a 15-car garage, a pool with cabanas and poolhouse, a tennis court, a full-sized basketball court, a putting green, and a concrete track around the perimeter. As RE notes, no private residence in Los Angeles has ever nabbed even $100 million, but this is a pretty special place.
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