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Gehry-Killing Mixed-User in WeHo Could Start Very Soon

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Not content to let La Brea's apartmentification zone have all the fun, the West Hollywood mixed-use development once known as the Formosa Specific Plan project (nearby, but not on La Brea!) is back, updated and with a new name. Now called the Domain project (because of updated zoning regulations, the development no longer requires a specific plan), the plans call for a six-story building with 166 apartments plus 9,000 square feet of groundfloor commercial space to be built on the north side of Santa Monica Boulevard between Formosa and Detroit, across from the West Hollywood Target complex and the Formosa Cafe--this is the site currently occupied by the Frank Gehry-designed Faith Plating building (and a sound editing facility). When this project first made the rounds in 2008, only 130 residential units were planned, along with slightly more commercial square footage, and a final environmental impact report was prepared but never circulated. Now it's back, an updated draft EIR is making the rounds, and a new developer hopes work to start in the next few months. Someone's suddenly in a hurry!

It's hoped the project will "develop a village-like environment by siting and massing buildings around common pedestrian areas," in addition to cleaning up the existing environmental contamination, according to the EIR. The proposed project includes restaurant and retail space, and a mix of studio, one-bedroom (some with dens), and two-bedroom units, including 10 units on the groundfloor. Seventeen units would be set aside for moderate-income tenants, 16 for low income. Second floor amenities would include a pool, lounge, theater, and fitness room for residents, plus a publicly-accessible plaza for viewing the Hollywood Sign. The building would max out at six stories along Santa Monica, but drop down to three on the northern end, where it will abut existing apartments.

Two alternative plans were considered in the EIR--a reduced-density option with only 90 units (but which keeps that Hollywood sign viewing plaza), and an option without the restaurant space. It's expected the project will take 26 months to complete.
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