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Wurstküche Venice Vs. Truck, Westwood's 800 Degrees Jr., LA's Hottest Chef, Best Singles Bars

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VENICE: A truck crashed into Venice's Wurstküche sausage shop on Sunday night, but things are mostly back to normal. According to a comment on the restaurant's Facebook page, "only the atrium in that corner of the building and a bit of the area where there are inexplicable turntables is closed off, but the vast majority of the dining room is up and running and they're serving customers."

WESTWOOD: The popular Neapolitan pizza place 800 Degrees confirmed it's opening a to-go venue just a few doors down from their flagship restaurant. Probably serving in spring.

LOS ANGELES: Eater's hottest chef contest has been decided. Click here to see the ultimate beauty of LA's culinary world.

LOS ANGELES: We didn't forget that today is Valentine's Day. If you're single, here's a list of the best bars to meet a last-minute special, or not so special, someone.
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