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Pilgrim Church Could Become Silver Lake's First Boutique Hotel

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Two years ago, local restaurateur Dana Hollister signed a lease on the old Pilgrim Church on Griffith Park Boulevard with plans to turn it into a boutique hotel and lounge. And then it all went very quiet. But now it's back! According to Echo Park Patch, Hollister has applied for the zoning variances that would allow for the 26-room hotel and bar to replace the house of worship, and tonight the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Urban Design & Preservation Advisory Committee will hear the proposal. In addition to the usual concerns about parking, some neighbors of the 83-year-old church "worry about the proliferation of venues serving alcohol and have complained to the neighborhood council." Hollister, who owns Silver Lake establishments Cliff's Edge and 4100 Bar, has had other hotel plans for the neighborhood; according to Patch, she once hoped to make her home at the Paramour Mansion on Maltman Avenue into a hotel. If her plans for the Pilgrim Church site go ahead, it would be the only hotel of its type and size in the neighborhood. As for the style, Hollister told Eastsider back in 2011 that she wanted "to do something that is conservative and appropriate."
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Pilgrim Church

1629 Griffith Park Blvd., Los Angeles, CA