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Hacked Downtown LA Signs Point to "Hipsters," "Gentrification"

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[Photos by Stephen Zeigler]

Street artist Wild Life has been making Downtown pretty fun lately--he was one-half of the team that put papier-mâché sunbathers at the flooded federal courthouse site and last fall he placed fake MOCA placards by regular stuff like palm trees and dumpsters, saying they'd been created by famous artists (Yoko Ono, Laurie Anderson, etc.). Today he's gone rogue on the neighborhood's wayfinding signs (around Fourth and Spring), adding directions to "hipsters" and "gentrification," not that anyone but the newest tourist needs help finding those in the Historic Core. *Our tipster tells us that the "Skid Row" is new too. Photographer Stephen Zeigler sent in these photos, along with a recent one from the under-construction The Broad museum up on Grand Avenue, where Wild Life added his name in among John Baldessari's and Alexander Calder's.
· Artist Puts MOCA Placards by DTLA Dumpsters, Palm Trees [Curbed LA]