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Stylish 1913 Cottage in Sunset Junction Asking $499k

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It's probably not a good idea to get too attached to this tidy little cottage in Sunset Junction, as the listing seems stocked with enough hipster-bait to incite the bidding equivalent of World War III. To wit: "Pristine original details lull you into the charm of the era. Refurbished floors from 1913, builit-ins, and even the push button lights are reminders that when nicely maintained, original elements are frequently the most prized features. Two bedrooms, and dedicated office cove bring all the practicality that is also for the ideal starter home. A back dining area leads to the most tranquil back yard with Lemon trees galore and room for planting and growing your own organic bounty. A cozy basement area which doubles as a romantic wine bar. The maintained aesthetic is enough for this dwelling to hold it's own, but the last feature that completes the package is the incredible location and access to Sunset Junction." Asking price for the century-old bungalow, which is sited on a 4,707-square-foot lot, is $499,000.
· 1320 N HOOVER St [Redfin]