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Saying Goodbye to Kanner Architects, Tainted Chatsworth Park South Gym Reopens

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SANTA MONICA: Really sad news: LA institution Kanner Architects officially shuttered last fall. Principal Stephen Kanner died in 2010 at 54; his grandfather Herman Kanner founded the firm in 1946. As the Architect's Newspaper notes, Kanner Architects "contributed significantly to Los Angeles' built legacy. The firm made a name for itself with its sleek modernist commercial buildings, and really came into its own with Stephen Kanner's mixture of elegant restraint and compelling whimsy." Stephen once told Curbed his favorite of his projects was the In-N-Out in Westwood; the firm also designed several apartment projects around town and rehabbed both Luckman Plaza in West Hollywood and the Sunset Vine Tower. The Kanner archives will go to the Art, Design & Architecture Museum at UC Santa Barbara. The firm had a few purchase offers but eventually Stephen's widow Cynthia said she'd rather "preserve the legacy rather than having it subsumed into another person's vision." [A/N]

CHATSWORTH: Chatsworth Park South finally gets its gym back tomorrow--the facility's been closed since February 14, 2008 "after lead and other contaminants were discovered in the soil." The site had been used as a skeet shooting range in the '60s and it was tainted with old lead pellets and clay pigeon pieces. A clean-up is still ongoing. [Curbed Inbox]