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Here's a Primer on Regional Connector Work for DTLA's Flower

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Though some business owners are so fearful of coming construction for the Regional Connector subway line--which will link the Blue, Gold, and Expo Lines and reduce transfers--that they've dropped a few lawsuits on the project, it won't be that scary, The Source asserts in a new video. Metro is planning to use the cut-and-cover method to build tunnels under the Financial District. The businesses think this method, which involves excavating the street and roofing it over as the tunnels are built, will disrupt commerce; they want boring machines used instead. Utilities are being moved as we speak and full-on construction starts at the end of the year.

The first big cut-and-cover work will involve piling under Flower Street, aka building poles under the street to support the new street sections. For each train tunnel (there's a westbound and eastbound, naturally), it will take between four to six weeks per block to complete the piling--it will be done during the day and only require partial street closures. Next is the decking to create the temporary road, done about 50 feet at a time for between four and six months. Then the contractor will build the three stations for 18 to 24 months. After that, the decking is removed and Flower is repaved; this will take another four or six months and will be done on weekends. Then the project opens six years from now and, hopefully, everyone is happy.

· New video focuses on Regional Connector construction on Flower Street [The Source]