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Craft Museum Could Be Covered in 4,700 Yarn Squares

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The Miracle Mile's Craft and Folk Art Museum may get a makeover only a kitty could love. The art collective known as Yarn Bombers Los Angeles--which has festooned many parts of the city with "colorful and thought-provoking knit graffiti"--is hoping to cover the facade and roof of the museum with yarn, or specifically 5,000 granny squares and a double-knit crochet pattern, the Venice Patch reports. Museum officials already have the materials, but need a few extra thousand bucks for an architect, insurance, contractors, engineer, scissor lift, and other expenses. There's a fundraising effort running until a week from Wednesday, and a "Stitch n' Bitch" event this Saturday, where volunteers are asked to help put the granny squares together.
· Yarn Bombers Aim to Adorn Craft and Folk Art Museum [Patch]