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Mayor Candidates Debate Who'll Be Best Getty House Resident

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The LA mayoral race has now become so pointless that the candidates have taken to arguing over how they'll use Getty House, the mayor's residence in Windsor Square: "At a forum at Burroughs Middle School in Hancock Park, the five leading candidates were asked how they would use Getty House, which serves as the official mayoral residence, and whether they would get along with the surrounding community," according to the LA Times. Toughie. Mayor Villaraigosa controversially put up a six-foot-tall fence around the house a couple years ago and frequently hosts parties like the one for the Grammys over the weekend. Here's what the candidates said:

Kevin James: He says "he has heard from neighbors that the Tudor residence in Windsor Square has been used too frequently for parties, bringing crowds, noise and valet parking to the neighborhood. 'That is not what the Getty House will be with me as mayor,' he told the audience."

Wendy Greuel: The Studio City residents says she's "superstitious" about talking move-ins: "I do plan on winning this election, but I'm very happy in my little home right now."

Emanuel Pleitez: The new guy says "Getty House should be used as much as possible to allow residents of neighborhoods across the city to meet with the mayor."

Eric Garcetti: The Silver Laker told the assembled Hancock Parkers "I'd be honored to become your neighbor." (Insert small batch organic fair trade cocktail joke or whatever here.)

Jan Perry: Took a "no comment" on this one somehow.
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