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Rolling Hills Freaking Over Stable Conversion, View Protection

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There's big trouble in Rolling Hills, the fancy gated community on the Palos Verdes penninsula, reports the Daily Breeze. "The City Council is outraged," says one resident and city council candidate. "It's a horrific way of running a government," says another. It "really deserves to be brutally crushed," according to a third resident, this one not running for city council. What's got everyone so upset? It seems Rolling Hills residents have had the gall to put two measures on the March ballot, in a shocking challenge to the city council's authority: Measure A "would liberalize usage restrictions on private stables" in the horsey community, where every house is required to provide private stables, or room to build them. (There's dark talk that if the measure passes it might allow--gasp!--renters to occupy converted stables.) Measure B would loosen the city's regulations that protect property owner's views from being obstructed by neighbors' trees. Thankfully, residents will most likely be saved from the indignities of mob rule. "We're so conservative I just don't see people voting for these," Jeff Piper (the second resident/council candidate) told the paper.
· Political boat being rocked in Rolling Hills [Daily Breeze]