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Los Angeles Plans to Completely Re-Envision Pershing Square

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Major potentially amazing gamechanger on the horizon in Downtown: LA Live/Downtown NFL stadium developer AEG has "agreed to provide $700,000 in seed money to help 're-envision'" the atrocity that is modern-day Pershing Square. City Councilmember Jose Huizar "said the city will put together a task force that will be charged with coming up with potential changes to the much-maligned park," according to the Downtown News. And listen to this, from Huizar: "If that task force comes back and says we want to scratch the thing and start anew, so be it, or we just want to change a few parts. Everything is on the table." Pershing has been a public plaza since the 1860s and has been designed and redesigned over the years. It fell victim to the mid-century car madness that swept LA and was excavated in 1952 and replaced atop a parking garage. It was given another makeover in the '90s into the greenery-light version we know today.
· AEG Giving Seed Money to Pershing Square Effort [DN]

Pershing Square

532 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, CA