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Los Angeles' Slow Change, Boyle Heights' Sears Finds New Life

[Snapchat's Co-founder Bobby Murphy just snapped up this Venice home for $2.1 million]

This Week's Top Stories: The giant Boyle Heights' Sears building which contains little more than a Sears store is being targeted for some big improvements to bring it back to life. Certain LA neighborhoods are now being allowed to put murals of things and whatnots on their homes thanks to a vote this week by the LA City Council. Now appearing in stunning hues of colors long-forgotten, the Rialto Theatre on Broadway has re-lit its historic marquee in anticipation of the arrival of Urban Outfitters. Uptalking is commonplace in Southern California, and now science is getting involved to figure out what's wrong with us. James Franco wrote a sh*t poem about Los Angeles that was published in The American Poetry Review because he's James Franco. Small but significant changes are taking place in how Angelenos live, including a move to condos and a drop in the number of people driving. But if you like to drive and want a house with a yard, may we suggest this abode in the Santa Monica Mountains that comes with three mines dug by the old homeowner who went lookin' for Spanish gold.