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Santa Monica Mountains Cabin Comes With Three Mine Shafts Owner Dug To Find Buried Spanish Gold

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This listing for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom "rock cabin" on 39 acres deep in the mountains somewhere near Agoura Hills tells a uniquely Southern California story of ambition, perseverance, self-reliance, and the delusional belief that there is Spanish gold buried in a rock in the middle of nowhere. We wouldn't believe a word of it, except that there are photos (with annotations!). You tell the story, listing: "House was built in the 1940's and needs major remodeling. Original owner believed there was a buried Spanish gold treasure in the large rock next to the house and spent many years digging three mine shafts to try to find it. It is unknown if he was successful." It is unknown if he was successful. To add to the batshit homesteader vibe, the listing notes that the property includes a hand-dug well and "is bordered by State Land on three side with a half mile dirt road to property." Oh, and also "Dirt road to house is too over grown to drive and is only 6 to 10 feet wide in some sections." For toothless prospectors or aspiring separatist militia leaders: asking price is $579,000.

· 0 Mulholland Road, Malibu, CA [Estately]