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Rialto Theatre's Restored Marquee Switched On For First Time

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[Photos by Escott Norton / Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation]

Philly-based chain Urban Outfitters has been working on a thorough restoration of Broadway's old Rialto Theatre and will open a store in the space on December 19; the work included the restoration of the old movie palace's historic marquee (the "longest existing historic marquee in Los Angeles," according to UO), and it was relit to stunning effect for the first time this week. Before the rehab, the Rialto, built in 1917, had been out of commission since 1987. Urban Outfitters fixed it up inside, putting up a large theater screen that will play old movies and adding bike racks out front. The Rialto's marquee won historic-cultural landmark status from the city back in the '80s, as did its box office and the marble paving in its lobby and on its sidewalk, but most of that was long gone before Urban Outfitters stepped in, according to our vigilant pals at the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation.

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