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Before and After The Revival at Ktown's 1926 Hotel Normandie

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Pasadena-based J Lou Architects has done a very nice job with the rehab of the 1926 Hotel Normandie, which looked worse for the wear just a few short years ago. The architect brought the facade of the hotel back to its Renaissance Revival roots, stripping the marquee and plaster and revealing another layer of brick, and "workers have faithfully rebuilt the roof cornice and tiled parapet, whose originals were lost several decades ago," according to the awesome urban diachrony blog. The hotel, originally designed by Walker & Eisen and last rehabbed in 1964, is now taking lodgers, though the multiple groundfloor restaurant spaces are still under construction (tour the interior here).

· The Hotel Normandie, southwest corner of Sixth Street and Normandie Avenue, September 2011-November 2013 [urban diacrony]
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Hotel Normandie

605 S. Normandie Ave., Los Angeles, CA