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Calabasas Homeowners Fight To Keep Living In Their Own Filth

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Calabasas isn't all entitled celebrities living in McMansions; it's also government-hating old-timers who insist vehemently on living among their own filth. Whatta town. Back in 2009, Calabasas passed an ordinance requiring that all septic systems be inspected and permitted, and eventually they ended up cracking down on several rogue homeowners who refused to comply (they suspended the law in 2012 in response to these outraged homeowners). Calabasas was incorporated in 1991 (it had been an unincorporated piece of LA County) and many of the city's 120 septic systems were decades old; the city found that 42 were problematic or had failed altogether. One homeowner who was cited for "nearly two dozen code violations," according to the LA Times, "was caught digging a ditch to funnel runoff from an overworked septic tank into a storm drain." Yuck. The homeowners have long argued that making sure their septic systems work properly would be expensive, yet they also fret that the city wanted to build a municipal sewer line to their homes. The city actually scrapped that plan back in 2011, which is too bad, because modern sewer systems are a really great way to ensure proper waste disposal for everyone, which is kind of a basic in a civilized society.
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