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Megan Ellison Buys Mt. Olympus Supervillain Lair For $30MM

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Producer Megan Ellison, daughter of Oracle CEO and fellow property-hoarder Larry Ellison, does some good things with her inherited gajillions (producing quality movies like True Grit, Spring Breakers, American Hustle) and some meh things (buying up scores of bland, bro-y houses in the Hollywood Hills). Here she is doing the latter: Having offloaded a trio of newish glassy megamansions in the Bird Streets just a few months ago, she's now picked up a new newish glassy megamansion (and a couple of empty neighboring parcels totaling about five acres) in Mt. Olympus, according to the always-reliable Real Estalker. If you haven't noticed the supervillainish lair in your journeys along the Sunset Strip, perhaps you've seen it in I Love You, Man (in which it played home to Lou Ferrigno) or another movie, TV show, or commercial, or been lucky/unlucky enough to attend one of the notorious parties it's become infamous for (or seen it here on this website in August 2012 when it was listed for $22 million). It was designed by architect Richard Schwarz and built in 1990 with six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two guest apartments, and heated balconies and terraces, plus about three acres of land, a pool and grotto, volleyball court, parking for 25, and its own private street. It was most recently asking $19.8 million, but Ellison paid $20 million, plus another $10 million for the extra land.

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