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Seedy American Apparel Billboards In Their Seedy LA Habitats

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[Photos by Thomas Alleman]

Are American Apparel billboards art? Photographer Thomas Alleman thinks so; his series The American Apparel captures the seedy clothing ads in their natural habitat: seedy LA street scenes. Alleman's pictures, with their razor-wire fences, overgrown grass, and ugly parking lots, provided an opportunity recently for the New York Times to make one of their sweeping generalizations about Los Angeles: "Mr. Alleman attributes the city's disorder of to its inherent ungovernability: it's just too big and corrupt to manage properly." Because weeds and litter are exclusive to Los Angeles. Alleman also has opinions about American Apparel's advertising, wondering why we criticize the images of young women who appear in control of their sexuality. Dov Charney, the Gloria Steinem of our generation, apparently.

· Thomas Alleman Photography Los Angeles [Official Site]