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Compton Wants To Annex 2 Neighboring Rancho Dominguezes

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The city of Compton wants to annex its neighbor to the east, East Rancho Dominguez (formerly East Compton), and is "eyeing" its neighbor to the south, Rancho Dominguez, both of which are now in unincorporated LA County. "[F]iscally, it would be a great win for Compton," Brooklyn-loving new Compton mayor Aja Brown tells the LA Times. In addition to the substantial extra tax revenues, the annexation of both neighborhoods would push Compton's population above 120,000, "making it eligible for federal grants." How do the Dominguezes feel about all of this? Well, for them, it would be less of a win: To begin with, being consumed by Compton would throw a wrench in some things already in motion—like nearby Carson's $4.1-million plans to annex Rancho Dominguez (residents there have been "fighting since 2005" to become a part of Carson). Beyond that, East Rancho Dominguez is happily unincorporated and doesn't want to be annexed at all, especially not by Compton, a "struggling" city that "doesn't have the resources to keep up what we have," according to the head of East Rancho Dominguez's neighborhoood association and the area's "self-proclaimed mayor."
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