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It's Curbed Cup Time! Nominate LA's Neighborhood of the Year!

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It's December once again and that means it's time to choose Los Angeles's Neighborhood of the Year and award that shiny jpeg, the Curbed Cup. Voting starts later this month, but before it can begin, we need your input on which neighborhoods were the biggest movers and shakers of 2013.

The Curbed Cup is a bracket-style, 16-neighborhood tournament, and your nominations will help decide neighborhoods make the Sweet 16. Put 'em in the comments of this post or email 'em our way--tell us why your 'hood of choice was the most happening in terms of development, new restaurants and retail, and general goings-on in 2013. Any neighborhood or city in greater LA is eligible; please nominate Downtown sub-hoods (e.g. the Arts District) individually.

Here are the past tournament winners, for the curious:

2012: Atwater Village
2011: Historic Core
2010: Hollywood
2009: Culver City
2008: Historic Core
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