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WeHo Makes Surprise Decision To Demolish Plummer Park's Historic Great Hall/Long Hall

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Look, we know this is a fraught preservation/park space issue that means a lot to a lot of people, but West Hollywood has been arguing over the fate of its WPA-era Great Hall/Long Hall building in Plummer Park since roughly the WPA era (two years now) and they need to just work it out already. The GH/LH has basically just been sitting around--it's supposed to be demolished for a big Plummer Park makeover, which has been stalled by angry neighbors, the dissolution of state redevelopment agencies (which would've helped fund the project), and a new historic landmarking--so last night, the WeHo City Council considered a proposal to do some much-needed maintenance on the building and reopen it for public use. Instead of doing that, the council voted to demolish the building. They'll vote to make their decision final in January. The very active members of Protect Plummer Park are naturally livid, complaining that the council didn't announce they'd be voting on demolition and, moreover, that everyone who spoke at the meeting was in favor of the plan to rehab and reopen.
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Plummer Park

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