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Four Kind-Of-Wacky Ideas For A New Santa Monica Pier Bridge

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Planning to replace the bridge that runs from Colorado Avenue to the Santa Monica Pier began three years ago, and somehow it's still unclear what the new connection will look like. Last night the Santa Monica City Council debated what they want for the new bridge, which will replace the rickety, narrow bridge dating from 1939--of utmost concern is making the link from Colorado to the pier universally accessible; the bridge now is too steep for most wheelchairs to navigate. Ideas include adding an elevator near the Pier sign (seems weird and awkward) or building zig-zag ramps that minimize the bridge's grade (probably better). For some reason, usually-progressive Santa Monica still thinks it's important to give cars direct access to the pier and now no one is on the same page about how to make the bridge work for pedestrians, cyclists, and cars (it doesn't really work right now either). One idea is to build a bridge for cars at Moss Avenue to connect to the Pier parking lot, but businessowners reminded the council that idling cars and outdoor dining go together like peanut butter and salmon. An environmental impact report that looks at all the different options is being drawn up.

· City Council Wants Better Wheelchair and Bike Access for New Santa Monica Pier Bridge [Lookout News]

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