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Murals Now Legal On Houses In Echo Park, DTLA, and Beyond

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A few months back, Los Angeles finally legalized murals, one of its many signature art forms (in addition to neon signs, reinvention etc.), but the new ordinance specifically kept a ban on murals on single-family houses. But today the City Council voted on a pilot program to allow murals on houses in Council Districts 1, 9, and 14, stretching from the eastern part of South LA up through Pico-Union, to Echo Park, over to Downtown and Boyle Heights, and up into Northeast LA. (Since the insane City Council has to be unanimous in all its decisions, and one member dissented, they'll have to vote again next week to finalize this.) This does not cover the Hollywood Hills, Chris Brown (but do try painting a mural on your new place in the independent city of Malibu, we'll enjoy watching that neighbor freakout). The idea is to test out an opt-in option for neighborhoods that want to allow house murals, while allowing stuffy boring neighborhoods to maintain their beige purity; the City Attorney's Office "also agreed to look into whether smaller neighborhoods within a council district, such as Venice, could opt-in," reports KPCC.
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