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German Actor Says Beck Trashed His Malibu Rental House

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The end of the year has brought all kinds of high-profile renters doing legal battle over a few thousand dollars in unreturned security deposits (here's the tale of a disgusting LA/OC congressman). Today we hear that musician Beck is suing German actor Til Schweiger (the insane German Basterd in Inglorious Basterds) in the hopes of getting back $11,000 he put down on a Malibu rental property. (Ownership of the house actually appears to have been transferred to Schweiger's estranged wife a few years back, but TMZ says Schweiger's involved in the lawsuit. The family bought the house in 1998 for $1.08 million, according to Redfin.) Beck rented the house on Sea Lion Place for $11,000 a month, from 2010 until February 2013. He says it was a disaster when he moved in, with "HUGE problems -- including mold, plumbing and electrical issues which caused further damage to everything from the fridge to the washing machine ... and even laptops." (Which makes you wonder why he stayed for a couple years.) Schweiger says Beck actually did a bunch of unauthorized work that caused "substantial physical damage" and required $40,571 in repairs. So Beck's suing for the security deposit and Schweiger is countersuing for damages plus back rent, for a total of $56,704.24.

· Beck TENANT FROM HELL Claims 'Inglourious Basterds' Star [TMZ]