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Leonardo DiCaprio Sells Malibu Beach House For $17.35 Million

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This is not a dream: Inception star Leonardo DiCaprio has finally unloaded his beachfront Malibu house for $17.35 million—a far cry from the $23 million he asked when he first put the place on the market back in 2012. He lowered the price again in June of this year, down to $18.9 million, but even with that price-slashing, he ended up getting $5.65 million less than he'd most recently hoped for. The house was originally built in 1927 in the Cape Cod style, but it's been very recently remodeled. The property actually has three buildings on the lot—the main house and two private guesthouses—that include a "modern gym, a second kitchen in one of the guest houses, hardwood floors," says The Malibu Real Estate Blog, plus a huge beachview deck and more windows than you'd ever want to clean. Apparently,"the beach here is extra deep too and stays drys at almost any tide," making it more valuable than some neighboring houses whose beaches disappear at high tide. The house was up for rent this summer for $75,000 a month.

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