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Mid-Century Architecture Sell-Off: Lloyd Wright's Derby House, Soriano's Polito, Kreipl's Buchman All Go

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Congratulations to the new owners of Glendale's landmark Derby House. Designed by Lloyd Wright Jr. in 1926, the Mayan-influenced textile-block house came on the market in November asking $1.65 million and was quickly pounced upon. It closed sale on December 18 with a final price of $1.59 million.

Designed by Raphael Soriano in 1938, the International-style Polito House was listed for sale back in January with an asking price of $1.895 million, or $1,266 per square foot. Buyers found this figure highly resistible, and the Queens Road residence lingered on the market. Major choppage ensued, and this month, the Polito House traded hands for $1.465 million.

Designed by architect Fred F. Kreipl for noted Socialist/Trotsky guard Alex Buchman, this mid-century modern in Elysian Heights went on the market for the first time ever in early November asking $925,000. Despite its modest size—1,379 square feet—the two-bedroom hilltop house inspired some red-hot bidding. The victorious bidder closed sale on December 12 with a final price of $1.086 million.
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