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Top Google Searches Reveal LA Was Death-Obsessed In 2013

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Last year, Los Angeles was all into Googling light stuff like sports and Batman and schools and traffic (well, but also Whitney Houston), but this year's top Google searches for the city are all doom and gloom, starting with Paul Walker and continuing onto the Christopher Dorner killings and manhunt, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Aaron Hernandez murder investigation, James Gandolfini, and Amber Alerts for abducted children (maybe because the whole region was blasted with a phone alert in August). Jeez, it was a rough year. Well, it's almost over. And on the upside, the Dodgers--who had a great year--stayed on the list, while the terrible 2013 Lakers dropped off. See LA's Google searches day by day over here. And here's the full top 10 (via LAist):

1. Paul Walker
2. Dodgers
3. Cory Monteith
4. Christopher Dorner
5. Boston Marathon
6. Aaron Hernandez
7. James Gandolfini
8. Government Shutdown
9. Amber Alert
10. Mayweather vs. Canelo
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