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Curbed Cup Round 1 Results! Venice And WeHo Knocked Out

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Round one voting in the 2013 Curbed Cup has now closed and the battle for neighborhood of the year is still looking mighty competitive despite some huge upsets. Next week, first-seeded Arts District, which handily beat last-seed Historic Filipinotown in round one, will go up against perennial favorite Highland Park, which won an upset this week over Santa Monica; neighboring juggernauts Hollywood and Koreatown will also meet, as will poorly-matched Downtown neighbors South Park (the clear favorite) and the Financial District (which won a massive upset over third-seeded Venice). And is there any way on earth Glendale can take out two-time Curbed Cup winner Historic Core? Tune in for round two voting starting Monday.
· Curbed Cup 2013 [Curbed LA]