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US Congressman Did Disgusting Things To Costa Mesa Rental

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In April 2010, long-time US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and his family moved into an "immaculate" million-dollar rental house in Costa Mesa; in August 2012, he moved out of what had become "a shockingly horrific pigsty, a dump worse than a college fraternity house of unhygienic slobs unfamiliar with the most basic tools of cleaning," as the OC Weekly describes it. The details are truly disgusting. Brace. Rohrabacher--who reps parts of coastal LA and OC Counties--is now embroiled in a huge amount of legal nonsense with his landlord Robert Polyniak, who says his tenants changed the locks shortly after they moved in and refused to let him in for inspections. Polyniak's girlfriend says "When Rohrabacher moved in, we thought, 'Wow, a congressman. This is great. What could go wrong?'" Well, just a taste (ew):

-- "Massive black stains and muck covered the carpet throughout the home. Sticky grime encased damaged, rusted appliances … Blinds were cracked. Black dirt ruined the appearance of once-sparkling tile floors."
-- "Denied water, once-thriving outside plants and grass dried up and died."
-- "Walls inexplicably contained odd holes, nail polish, wax and some smelly substance that may have been feces."
-- "Every toilet seat in the house was broken … An overflowing tub cracked a ceiling with water damage."
-- "The ceilings showed smoke damage."
-- "Clumps of hair and remnants of what may have been balloons or some other rubbery material clogged sinks."
-- "Thick, solidified grease rendered the air-suction vent above the kitchen stove useless … white maggots squirmed underneath a kitchen stove that may not have ever been cleaned."
-- "phone lines were strangely severed"
-- "A second-floor suite used by Dana's wife, Rhonda, as her bedroom contained a huge, mysterious, lubricant-like stain—something you might expect on the floor of a Hollywood sex club—that had seeped through thick carpet and padding to tarnish a hardwood floor."

Bet those other OC congressmembers who gave character references to the landlord are feeling pretty stupid! Rent was $3,350 a month with a security deposit of $6,700; damages totaled more than $25,800. Polyniak billed Rohrabacher for the balance, but the congressman has ignored the communication and instead filed suit demanding Polyniak pay him $20,000 "for not refunding his security deposit in a timely manner."