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Arts District's AMP Lofts Back From The Dead With A New Look

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Talk about a blast from the past: The Arts District's AMP Lofts project was first approved six years ago but is just now finally moving forward, according to Building Los Angeles. The project was purchased this summer by LA-based Bolour Associates, which submitted revised plans this week--they've dropped the old name and brought in a new design from Shimoda Design Group, which seems to be an improvement over the aughts-era look created by Koning Eizenberg. The six-story project consists of 240 boxy, stacked live/work units above groundfloor retail, all encircling a raised 25,000-square-foot park--a nice addition, considering how tree-less the AD is (and not the only park on the way there). Shimoda and Bolour's plans also include a large commercial courtyard with outdoor seating, as well as the upscale amenities—gym, pool, sauna—DTLA yuppies expect.

· AMP Lofts Revived, Renamed and Redesigned [BLA]