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Cornfield Park Closing In Feb. For Huge Makeover/Expansion

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Chinatown's LA State Historic Park, aka the Cornfield, has been waiting on
its full makeover for years (it opened as a temporary 13-acre version in 2005) and now it's just been pushed back again, but only by a month or so--instead of January, the park will close in February 2014 for a full year of serious renovations, reports the Downtown News. The new additions to the park, located just east of Chinatown and visible from the Gold Line, will include permanent bathrooms, an amphitheater, two parking lots, and space for farmers' markets, and expand the space to 32 acres. The project's expected to cost between $15 and $20 million. While it will be hard to lose use of the park for an entire year, a State Parks rep points out that full closure is much more cost effective and that doing everything all at once will save about $5 million.
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