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Look At This Crazy-Handsome New Parking Structure In SaMo

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Santa Monica doesn't screw around when it comes to parking structures: They have the multi-colored, eco-friendly Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure by Moore Ruble Yudell, and now there's Studio Jantzen and Behnisch Architekten's Parking Structure 6, another green garage, which looks to have taken inspiration from Paris's famous Centre Pompidou. Opened yesterday with much fanfare, Structure 6 offers panoramic ocean views from the top of its eight stories, holds 744 cars and dozens of bikes, and includes electric vehicle charging stations, plus groundfloor retail space; there are also solar panels and those striking red staircases that allow easy access to every floor. Parking Structure 6 replaces a shorter and blander garage that held 400 fewer cars.

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