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Snapchat Cofounder Just Dropped $2.1MM On A House In Venice

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Just a few weeks after it was revealed that the people behind sexting app Snapchat had turned down a $3-billion, all-cash buyout offer from Facebook, one of the app's cofounders has managed to scrape together $2.1 million for a new house in Venice. New homeowner Bobby Murphy is the frat brother/cofounder you don't hear much about--most of the Snapchat attention has focused on Evan Spiegel, the spoiled, douchey bro who grew up in Pacific Palisades and is reportedly still living at his dad's house there (both partners are being sued for allegedly forcing out a third partner/frat brother). The LA Times says 25-year-old Murphy has just picked up a brand new two-bedroom house and we're pretty sure it's this nice-but-frosty number designed by architect Larry Scarpa and artist Randy West (part of a four-house project); the house comes with two and a half bathrooms plus a full-floor master suite, patios and balconies, an open-plan living/kitchen area, and a roofdeck. And it's not too terribly far from Snapchat's new offices at 63 Market Street.

· 43 Brooks Ave, Venice , CA 90291 [Pardee Properties]