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West LA's New Expo-Adjacent Mixed-User Gets Colorful

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Work has about wrapped on a new five-story mixed-user at Pico and Centinela, near the entrance to the 10 and not too far from the future Bundy station on the Expo Line (the latter being a selling point for the developer). Before kvetching over the design, please consider that this was formerly the site of an unkempt rental car place (and it's still across the street from an adult bookstore and pot shop). The project, which cost developer ADC Realty Group somewhere north of $11 million, includes 95 units and groundfloor retail. Plans to build a similar mixed-user a bit west at the former Grammy headquarters fell apart this year; it will instead be renovated and leased out as office space.

· Grimy Centinela/Pico Corner Getting Expo-Adjacent Apartments [Curbed LA]