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Artist Putting Up Rap Lyric Street Signs All Over Los Angeles

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[First three via Los Angeles Street Art / @locoliinda; last via @TheRapQuotes]

Today we learned that the Fairfax/Beverly Grove/Mid-City area is a lot cooler than it seems, via artist Jay Shells's Rap Quotes project, which has just expanded from New York to Los Angeles (via LA TACO). Shells puts up rap lyric signs in the specific locations they reference--so, for instance, there's a sign up in Compton with "I met her at this house party on El Segundo & Central" from Kendrick Lamar's "Sherane aka Master Splinter's Daughter"--and the central city area is far better repped than we would've expected. (At least in part because Odd Future hangs out/has a store in Fairfax; still, you wouldn't expect anyone to refer to anything Canter's-adjacent as "the block.")

· Rap Quotes project by Jay Shells ~ Los Angeles [LA TACO]
· @TheRapQuotes [Twitter]