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1897 Lummis Home Needs A New Caretaker And Lots Of Work

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Highland Park's Lummis Home (also known as El Alisal)—one-time home to late-Nineteenth-Century journalist/activist/Southwest Museum founder Charles Fletcher Lummis—is looking for a renter, reports Eastsider LA. The two-story stone structure is more than 100 years old, and like most things that age, needs some care and attention. The Southern California Historical Society has been operating the landmark for the last 48 years, but the city of LA, which owns the building, didn't renew the agreement this year. The city says it's looking for a new organization to take the reigns—hopefully a non-profit that can put more time and money into maintenance of the place and make it more accessible to the public. Despite recent renovations, the next tenants will have to deal with "rising damp" after rain that leaves the house's wood floors waterlogged and potential structural instability as a result of past earthquakes. The executive director of the SCHS says "The house is fragile and precarious ... We wish [the next caretakers] well."
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