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Calabasas Wants To Gobble Up 146 Acres North Of The 101

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Is Calabasas like a Nineteenth-Century European colonial power? The rich, celeb-favorite city is now on its fourth attempt at annexing more land, with the unincorporated area known as Craftsman's Corner in their sights. North of the 101 and partially running adjacent to Ventura Boulevard, Craftsman's Corner comprises 60 property owners, including a gated residential community and a few small businesses (Hidden Hills has plans to acquire two small pieces of the Corner too). Most Corner-ites want to join Calabasas, thinking their property values will rise and they'll see an increase in park and street services (home and businessowners will pay a higher utility users' tax as Calabasas residents). That reception is much different than that received from three other communities the city has attempted to annex in the past; Calabasas eventually abandoned those efforts amid the opposition. Should their latest attempt succeed—it would take about three years—Calabasas could see $400,000 in extra annual tax receipts.
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