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Sunset Tower Owner Turning Nudist West Hollywood Drug Den Into A Fancy Boutique Hotel

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There's no way a druggy, clothing-optional motel could make it very long in the thoroughly-fancified West Hollywood of today and now here's the death knell for the rundown San Vicente Inn, a cluster of century-old historic bungalows, known as a haven for all kinds of nudist debauchery, drug use, plus--get this--a rehab facility. This summer, Jeff Klein, who owns the very fancy Sunset Tower on the Strip, bought the San Vicente but said the rehab and the nudity would stay (but the drugs would have to go). Not for long! He's now announced plans for an extensive rehab to make the property into a 33-room boutique hotel. Most (23) of the rooms would be in a new building behind the old Victorian post office on the eastern side of the street, and wrap around the north side of that property, as WeHoville describes it. The post office would become a lounge area for guests. The three bungalows on the western side that now make up the bulk of the inn will all be remodeled for new uses: the southernmost bungalow will become a high-end restaurant; the center one will house a bar and lounge, restrooms, and cabana; and the northern one will be reconfigured into three suites. Klein will also build a two-story multipurpose structure for yoga classes or events, a new reception area, and another two-story structure with six or seven suites.

Klein presented the idea to a community meeting on Monday and, obviously, everyone was concerned about parking--Klein has plans to lease a parking lot on Palm Avenue and says all of the parking for the hotel will be valet. There's also concern that the property is split between two sides of the street; Klein suggested golf carts to shuttle guests back and forth.

The project will be designed by Appleton & Associates and Klein hopes to have approvals by mid-2014, with an opening in 16 to 18 months. Rooms should be $250 to $300.
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