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Rent A House That's Been Turned Into A Professional Recording Studio Near The Silver Lake Reservoir

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Uh-oh—looks like someone might be giving up on their dream of music stardom. Then again, they just might be about to embark on a big fat tour to entertain screaming masses around the globe. For whatever reason, this tricked-out pad a block east of the Silver Lake Reservoir will be coming available imminently. Per the Craigslist posting: "I've put years of love into creating the perfect balance of creativity and versatility in this 1 or 2 BR, 1BA live/ work studio in Silver Lake. Upstairs bedroom suite, currently used as office, has a large, private patio. Downstairs composer/ producer room is fully treated for perfect frequency response, with a custom built booth designed to be used with solo string players, as an amp closet, and vocal booth. The doors throughout the house are top grade studio doors. The living room is currently the live room and can be delivered with the ceiling and wall treatment panels, or as an empty living room."
Among the other musician-centric features mentioned are "sound-proofing windows" and a front patio "for cigarette breaks or just another place to hang out." There's also gated parking and a "small garage that can be used for storage or an art studio." Monthly rent for the dog-friendly live/work space is $4,000; however—insert needle scratch sound effect—"mixing console is not included in the rent."

· $4000 / 2br - 1700ft² - Live Work 1 or 2 BR plus Music Studio and Office [Craigslist]