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There Is Now An App To Decode LA's Insane Parking Signage

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Los Angeles is known for its byzantine parking rules and signage (here's a particularly absurd example), and actor/writer/IT consultant (because duh! LA!) Michael Brouillet had a particularly tough time with it all when he moved here from Texas. (Particularly: "I quickly tallied up $1,500 in parking tickets … I'd been towed three times and received too many parking tickets to count." But he's not alone--the city pulls in about $150 million a year in parking tickets, which Brouillet notes on Zocalo is "a regressive but reliable system of cash flow.") So he taught himself how to make a smartphone app and created Park Safe LA, which has one section for basic information, like what the hell various curb colors mean, and a "Help Me Park" section which helps you decode the exact parking signs you're looking at. It probably shouldn't be necessary, but seriously, those signs can get really crazy.
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