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See Expo's Venice Bridge And Palms Station Start To Come Alive

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Now that construction is past the halfway point on the Expo Line extension to Santa Monica, the line is really taking shape. The visible progress on the light rail is getting people so excited they're descending on the 6.6-mile route and snapping progress pictures on a daily basis. Streetsblog editor Damien Newton recently took a tour of Expo II and was struck by the intricacies involved in building a light rail, especially complying with possibly-insane safety requirements made by several different government agencies (someone needs to check the durability of a five-foot ladder every day?). Expo follower Gokhan Esirgen is also keeping a close eye on the line, especially the Herculean task of building the train bridge over Venice Boulevard, a job that's now just about done. Enjoy Newton and Esirgen's photos down below and get ready to see much more Expo action in 2014--including stations starting to sprout.

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