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Uber Charged $357 For A Trip From West LA To Hollywood

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This past weekend, loosely-regulated taxi-company-of-the-future Uber was called out for charging people in the snowy Northeast seven or eight times the normal rate for trips made on a day with pretty foul weather (even if the app showed there were plenty of cars available). The company defended itself by saying that the snow and cold made Uber cars more desirable, you see, so of course the price went up--their pricing is based on supply and demand. It's going to be interesting to see how they rationalize charging a woman $357 to go from West LA to Hollywood this past weekend, when it was warm and dry. That's right: for the price of a flight across the country, this woman traveled 14 miles. She says there were at least 10 other Ubers in her vicinity, it wasn't a peak time, and it obviously wasn't snowing, so all the company's usual stock excuses are gone. She's still waiting for a reply from the company.
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