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Bianca Barragan IN as Curbed LA Associate Editor

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It is with great pleasure that the Curbediverse welcomes Bianca Barragan as Associate Editor of Curbed LA, effective today. She joins long time Senior Editor Adrian Glick Kudler, who has helmed the site since May 2011 and written for it since 2009.

Bianca moved to Los Angeles seven years ago because, after much international searching, she was unable to find a city that was better than LA. She is on a mission to help people understand that she is 400 percent right about this. Bianca has been a Fulbright scholar and has worked in a beloved Downtown bookstore. Expect her reporting to have a special focus on public transit and how it affects new developments, because as a non-car-owning Angeleno she can't help but be on the beat.

Please say hello in the comments or via the tipline. As always, your tips are vital to this site and much appreciated. [The Management]